Baby Carrier Safety

Please read the instructions carefully before using the Pognae Baby Carrier.

The Pognae Baby Carrier is to be used for small children between 12lbs and 45 lbs. You must use the Infant Insert (and Infant Insert Block) for small children between 7lbs and 12lbs. You should not use the Pognae Baby Carrier and Infant Insert for small children under 7lbs. The Pognae Baby Carrier is not designed to carry small children in the outward facing position.

Before using your Pognae Baby Carrier, make sure to check if all buckles, snaps, straps and adjustments are secure and undamaged.

When putting on your baby carrier with your baby the first few times, we recommend that you have someone assist you until you get more comfortable with the process. Also, we recommend you stand or sit on a soft surface (bed or sofa) when putting on the baby carrier with your baby the first few times. Using a mirror can help you the first few times you do it yourself, especially when putting on your baby carrier with your baby in the back position.

Never unbuckle the waist belt while your baby is in the carrier. Never wear the baby carrier with the chest strap unbuckled.

Use common sense when babywearing! Never perform any task that could put your baby at risk when wearing your Pognae Baby Carrier with your baby. The carrier should not be used while jogging, running, climbing, biking, or participating in other sporting or strenuous activities. You are responsible for the safety of your baby. When bending, please bend at the knees and not at the waist. Never drink hot beverages or eat hot foods when carrying your baby in the baby carrier.

Make sure that your baby has enough breathing room when strapped in the baby carrier. You are responsible for making sure your baby has enough breathing room at all times. There should be at least 2 inches of clearance below your baby's chin.